Welcome to Suedelle Pics and Vids


Making Memories

Suedelle Photography came into being a few years ago now when I realised something I have always loved, taking photos, is what I am good at and wanting to make a career from.

I have always from my younger years had an interest in capturing memories for people through photography.  There are some priceless memories which I hold dear to my heart and I can relive these memories by looking at the pictures that have been taken.

Being able to take quality pictures that capture that special moment, particularly the "emotion" of the moment is something I excell at.  


The majority of my professional photography to date has been band photography, however I am not limited to just this, but also work at special events from parties to festivals, and can be relied on if you want a photographer for more personal photos.


I have now expanded my business and supplying a videography service as well.  I have multiple cameras which can be used for promotional videos.

I have recently done promotional videos for a number of bands.  

These videos can be viewed on either my business Facebook page or on my YouTube channel.