Videography is something that I have been doing for the last couple of years.  I find it compliments my photography business well and that by incorporating Photography and Videography services for customers I am loving the work I’m getting.  I find the videography side of my business exciting as I am still learning every time I do a job and it is challenging and exciting work.  Below are some examples of work I have done with videography in the last few months.

A video promo done for Cocker Happy, The Australian Joe Cocker Show at Eddie’s Bandroom in August 2018.  This is one of example of the type of video that I can produce for you.

An instructional video filmed, produced and edited by Suedelle Visual Media for the Photographers Society.  Also created for this video was the Closed Caption (English Sub Titles) you can see on this video.  Suedelle Visual Media and cater for all clients whatever their request may be.

Another Cocker Happy Video filmed in August 2018 at Eddie’s Bandroom.  This video is the complete song of one of the Joe Cocker classics, “Up where we Belong”.

Suedelle Visual Media is also available to video your special event in your life.   Regardless of if it’s a Wedding, Engagement, Birthday or any other celebration.  Here is a small example of some of the jobs that have been done which include filming, editing and producing the final video for the client.